Representative Clients & Projects

We have worked with many clients over the past 25 years. We work with companies at all stages, from early stage startups to large public firms.


  • Bohlender-Graebener
    Technical support for ribbon speaker manufacturer. Development of high performance multimedia ribbon speaker. Introduction to offshore subcontract manufacturer.
  • Bomber Speakers - The most popular brand of aftermarket autosound speakers in Brazil as well as most of South America. From subwoofers to separates and coaxes, on the road the sound of Brazilian music is delivered by Bomber speakers. In keeping with the market and times, Bomber needed to reinvent and expand its product line. Bomber has collaborated with Menlo Scientific to develop a full line of high performance earphones and headphones. Sourced from an established, competent and responsive manufacturer with fast time to market, and minimal tooling, . High style, profuse deep bass, and great value are the hallmarks of this product line.

  • Kingstate Electronics Corp. – New technologies initiatives for 35 year established Taiwan public company acoustic component manufacturer
  • Boombang Inc. – Menlo Scientific provides audio technology support for Boombang, a creative think tank that drives business success with a deeply integrated approach to research, strategy, product development, and packaging.
  • Zipbuds - Established in 2010, needed to source from more sophisticated factories due to the required stability, robustness, and complexity of their audio cable with overmolded zipper assembly.  A full line of high style earphones and headphones have been developed that feature not just the unique zipper cable management system, but deliver awesome sound at intense sound levels.

  • Grain Audio - New product line from startup Grain Audio is coming!
  • ONvocal - New product line from startup ONvocal is coming!
  • Mophie - New product line coming from this high-tech accessory leader!
  • Eastern Asia Technology (Eastech Electronics Taiwan Inc.)
    Upgrade of speaker production lines, marketing & management. Factories in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Hungary. Key OEM stereo, MP3, and mini-compo supplier to Philips, JBL, Sanyo, TEAC, LG, and others.
  • AV Leader Corp.
    Technical support for this major offshore OEM mic manufacturer. Supplier to AKG, Audio Technica, Asiatic, Bogen, Sennheiser, TOA, Yamaha, etc.
  • GENTEX Corporation
    Development of low noise, wideband (20+ KHz), wide dynamic range Electret condenser mic elements.
  • Manko
    Speaker and plastic injection component supplier to Pyramid, Pyle, Jensen, Audiovox and other “tonnage” brands.
  • Kousheng
    Technical support for Chinese audiophile brand speaker manufacturer.
  • Po Yun
    One of world's large voice coil manufacturers, key supplier to Panasonic, Harmon (Nokia, Audix, JBL, etc.), and others. Taiwan transplant with factories in both southern and northern China. Flat wire specialist. Technical support for wire sourcing, flattening adhesives, fabrication, and related projects.
  • Armstrong World Industries
    Development of panel tile speaker
  • Echelon
    Audio industry liaison for the Lonworks control system
  • Nike
    Marketing support for Nike's Santoprene and poly sheet extruding for speaker surrounds and cones. Introduction of new filler materials.
  • Microsoft
    Headset and headset element design and support for sourcing offshore factory
  • Intel
    Internet appliance sound system design, provided signal processing and speaker design.
  • Cisco
    Telephone and speakerphone design for Internet business telephone
  • B&C
    Technical support, offshore sourcing for this pro-sound Italian compression driver manufacturer
  • Bogen Communications, Inc.
    1998 - 1999, 2001
    Product planning, support for acquisitions, development of microphone product line.
  • Owens Corning
    1998 - 2000
    Engineering support for the application of high strength glass fibers for speaker cones and dampers
  • Monster Cable
    1998 - 2009
    Product development of home theater speaker system, offshore sourcing, amplifier, surround processors, home automation
  • SLAB
    Technical support for this NXT alternative planar speaker group
  • Sonigistix
    1997 - 1998
    Development project for PVDF film planar speaker
  • Klipsch
    1996, 1998, 1999
    Out-sourcing of speaker and electronic sub-assemblies, factory automation sourcing
  • Industrial Dielectrics
    Liaison to audio industry for this bulk-molding compound (BMC) supplier of compression molding enclosure materials.
  • Esoteric Audio
    1997 - 1998
    Development of autosound subwoofers
  • Shinhint (China)
    Engineering support for multimedia manufacturer in China. Projects for OEM customers including Motorola, Microsoft, Labtec.
  • Monsanto (AES)
    Engineering support for the application of Santoprene elastomers to the speaker industry (surrounds, gaskets, and domes).
  • Polk Audio
    Technical support for new speaker products, home entertainment and earphone products.
  • Peavey Electronics
    1995 - 1997
    Loudspeaker engineering for professional woofers and compression drivers, out-sourcing of electronics and speaker manufacturing, joint venture liaison.
  • Sun Microsystems
    1995 - 1996
    Audio and acoustical engineering for a multimedia wireless network laptop.
  • Frogdesign
    Audio and acoustical engineering for this industrial design house. Specific projects include multimedia (full-duplex speaker phone/modem) for Acer Aspire PC and Sampo video monitors.
  • Selenium (Brazil)
    1992 - 1998
    Loudspeaker engineering for professional woofers, high performance dome tweeters and compression drivers.
  • Aura Systems
    Technical support for audio projects using inherently shielded neodymium speakers.
  • Dai-Ichi Group
    1992 - present
    Product engineering for this large OEM speaker and electronics producer.
  • Apple Computer
    1991 - 1992, 2011
    Development of audio design concepts for the Macintosh AV-14 monitor.
  • DuPont
    Set-up audio engineering lab, technical seminars for speaker engineers (London, Geneva, China). Participated in Kevlar bobbin development (2001), cone paper development. (1999) Developed application of Kaladex (PEN) film to microspeakers (1999)
  • Bell Labs
    Distribution and product definition for Bell Lab's SYSid, a comprehensive test system for acoustic analysis .
  • Ferrofluidics Corporation
    1990 - present
    Engineering support for the application of magnetic fluids to loudspeaker design.
  • Yamaha (Japan)
    1989 - 1991
    Design of high performance speakers. Licensed technology for proprietary loudspeaker (patent).
  • Velodyne Acoustics
    1983 - 1985, 1991 - 1992
    Development of servo-controlled subwoofers
  • Republic of Korea   
    1984 - 1990
    Sponsored by the Korean government SMIPC, (Small Medium Industry Promotion Corporation). Computer simulations and acoustical testing for the Summer Olympic Games and the 1986 Asian Games in Seoul, Korea.
  • Sammi Sound Technology   
    1983 - 1990
    Worked with Korea's largest speaker manufacturer to develop world-class products.
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