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Audio consulting for each link in the supply chain.

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Parts
  • Testing & Measurement
  • Finished Products

MENLO SCIENTIFIC has 25 years experience with the Asian audio supply chain serving multiple markets including pro audio, hi-fi, home theater, consumer electronics, musical instruments, commercial and portable sound - at the component level.

We offer technical and market-based advice in systems like home theaters, to parts (like speakers and microphones) and in further depth, down to cone diaphragm materials and adhesives and where to buy them at the right price.

Let us be your "river guide" through the commercial waters of Asia. If you are looking to sell materials and technology to Asian manufacturers, find a good vendor in Asia (or confirm you are paying a fair price to your current vendor/trading company), design and buy finished products from an OEM/ODM factory, or just a strategic review - we can help.

Cue radio

Dr Dre headset

Intel tablet

blueant headphone

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