We have worked on many products over the last 25 years, below are a few of our more recent projects.


  WowWee Cinemin Slice 2010 - video projector / docking station
  Client: WowWee
  Project Date: 2010
  A unique pico video projector that also is a docking station for the Apple iPod, iPhone and iPad. Menlo Scientific provided WowWee support for the audio design aspects, from amplifier, speaker and enclosure to tuning and equalization.

  Cue r1 Radio - radio/ docking station
  Client: Cue
  Project Date: 2008
  The ultimate audiophile radio with DSP, digital bi-amplification, and coaxial speaker. Menlo provided support for design, tuning and sourcing.


  Blueant 2009 - hands-free products
  Client: Blueant
  Project Date: 2009
  Application of advanced acoustics to wind noise pre-filtering for DSP processing, aerodynamic design for wind noise avoidance, review of signal processing providers for hands free products.


  Dr. Dre Beats Headphone 2008 - headphone headset
  Client: Monster
  Project Date: 2008
  Support for ammunition group in the development and acoustic performance, sourcing, and related efforts for productization by Monster and Interscope.


  Ambisonic 2009-2010
  Client: Ambisonic
  Project Date: 2009 - 2010
  Startup company guidance, sourcing, support for product definition and product development for residential estate outdoor landscape audio systems including signal processing amplifier. Support for co-marketing agreement with Sonance.


  DGA Livepseakr - speakers
  Client: DGA
  Project Date: 2010
  Startup company guidance, sourcing, support for product definition and product development for mobile audio products company.


  SMK Paddock 10 - iPad docking station
  Client: SMK
  Project Date: 2010
  Development and sourcing support for iPad docking station to Apple and SMK requirements. Fast track development to meet Apple's timetable requirement for Christmas season 2010.


  SMK GoSpeak 2009 - speaker system
  Client: SMK
  Project Date: 2009
  Upgrade of original design to significantly enhance acoustic output, sound quality and flexibility. Support for product definition, product development and sourcing.
  Fiori - Intel wireless web tablet
  Client: Intel Intel tablet
  Project Date: 1999
  Apple AudioVision Display - 14 in. multimedia monitor
  Client: Apple Computers
  Project Date: 1993
  Apple's first audio + video CRT multimedia monitor. Menlo introduced the audio product concept of full range 2" self-shielded (neo) minispeakers with a common rearward facing bass reflex vent. Unique engineering plastics, vibration isolation, and many challenges in implementing high performance audio. Industrial design by IDEO
  Acer Aspire - multimedia monitor
  Client: Acer
  Project Date: 1995
  Menlo Scientific worked with Frogdesign and Acorn Product Development for the audio and acoustic engineering for Acer Peripherals
Full range high performance sound from this high style video monitor. Shown with CPU underneath
  Cisco Unified IP phone - voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone
  Client: Cisco
  Project Date: 1995
  Cisco's first VoIP phone, code name Telecaster and released in 1997. Over 30 million in use today. Menlo worked with IDEO providing telephony acoustic engineering. Transducers and acoustic aspects essentially unchanged for over a decade.


  Kerbango - Internet Radio
  Client: Kerbango
  Project Date: 1998
  Founded by former executives from Apple Computer and Power Computing Corporation, the Kerbango radio was the first internet radio stand-alone product. RCA was to distribute the product. Acquired by 3Com for $80 by 3Com and shortly killed thereafter.

Armstrong World Industires - iCeilings

  Client: Armstrong World Industries
  Project Date: 2000

Jibe Sound Machine - IPhone bluetooth audio dock


Client: Jibe

Machine generated alternative text: -

Project Date: 2006
X-box 360 - in-box gaming headset
Client: Microsoft

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Project Date: 2006
  Audyssey Mic - measurement microphone for autoEQ
  Client: Audyssey Mic
  Project Date: 2006

Nixon Headphone - High Style Headphone

Client: Nixon Machine generated alternative text:
Project Date: 2008



Bomber Headphone - Deep Bass

Project Date: 2012


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